On My Oasis – Olives and September Heat

Hot, ain’t it?! And apparently tomorrow could be the hottest September day for over five decades. Blimey. Though I’m sitting here in shorts, vest and still sweating, I’m rather glad of the heat. You see, as my post last week eluded too in a non-subtle way, the growing year in 2016 has been a bit crap. So, though the days may be getting shorter, the sun might just extend the season for some last minute joys.

For example….these are my olives…..

Will I manage to get these to ripen?

For a £10 tree from IKEA, it ain’t bad, is it? I’m keeping the patio doors open as much as possible so the olives have the added glass over them in a desperate bid to ripen something. That would be amazing. I mean, I’m not holding my breath – this is the UK, after all. We are not known for our olive growing capabilities for little wonder.

Meanwhile, the last surviving butternut squash the slugs didn’t get earlier this year is producing a profusion of flowers. Again, I’m desperately hoping I might get a couple of gourds; even if they’re relatively small. I was enthused to see a couple starting to grow but as of writing, I’ve wandered down the garden to discover that one of them (luckily not the one pictured) has gone mushy. Noooooo. However, now that cabbage white season is also over, the kale is having a little resurge and wonderful new and unblemished foliage is coming through.

Loads of lovely butternut squash flowers.

One of a few developing gourds.

New kale leaves unblemished by damn caterpillars.

Finally, I’ve begun to start cutting back in the ornamental garden. A lot of things have gone over, and more things have struggled to grow well this year in poor soil, heat and dryness. The agapanthus did extremely well, however, and though I’ve cut most the flowers back I just LOVE the seed pods so I’ve left a few on. Also, the cyclamen I rescued from B&Q in Jan at just 10p each are coming back into leaf and flower. I’ve popped a few in the old tin bath with the pine; I think they look really pretty.

I always leave a few agapanthus seed pots on – they look lovely in the frosts.

Cyclamen for 10p! They’re coming back into their own.

Till next time!

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