On My Oasis – A Wildflower Meadow Success

In 2015 I opened an Indiegogo Project to fund the seeds for a 2.5 acre wildflower meadow. I didn’t make the target BUT, I did get near-on £500. It meant I was able to start the sowing process and get this little conservation project on its way.

To say there’ve been some difficulties is an understatement. The soil is heavy clay and has been left undulating due to previous ploughing by farmers. The site is several hours away from home so scaring away the thousands of wood pigeons that descended was impossible. It didn’t rain for about a month after the original seeds were sown in 2015 either. Disaster. In fact, when I revisited the site with a team of scythers last autumn I thought we’d wasted the money because nothign much had really happened.

This year however….


A sea of daisies.

The fields are alive with the scene of flowers…

I knew there was a lot of perennial seeds in the mix and so there was a glimmer of hope that this year would be a far more decent show than last. At the moment it’s the oxeye daisies that are really stunning. But poke amongst the stems and there are poppies, knapweed, wild mallow, plaintain and all manner of other goodies. There’s a very obvious strip where we sowed but it looks pretty nevertheless. The only thing I’m now concerned about is this year’s scything….we’re going to be at it for days; weeks perhaps!! I also welcome the sight that any leftover oilseed rape plants have died; though in their place are now thistles and flowering docks. These will have to be dealt with at some point so they don’t overtake the field; scything will be extremely important to keep the nutrient levels down.

Honestly, the sight was glorious. There were a pair of buzzards circling in the thermals above, birds flitting in and out of the hedges and the lovely drone of insects. Come the autumn, when we start planting trees into the other end of the field too, this conservation space will be even better.

It’s all coming together!

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