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Pigs in Clover – An Honest, Hilarious Take on Smallholding Life

I know, I know – another week, another book review. But I’ve wanted to discuss both these books for a while and as not a huge amount is happening in the garden, now’s the time to do so. Last week’s The Market Gardener gives you the bones for veggie success. This week, Pigs in Clover offers a hilarious and sometimes bleak look at life as a smallholder.

I’ve ‘… Continue reading

First Ladies of Gardening – An Inspiring Read

When it comes to gardening books, I have huge stacks of how-to, design, allotmenting books, in addition to several large garden encyclopedia’s. So when I came across the First Ladies of Gardening, it was nice to sit back and enjoy a little gardening history instead of being reminded of the many jobs I haven’t gotten around to yet (though, you’ll certainly be inspired by these pioneers… Continue reading

Grow a Gourmet Meal in a Pot

One thing I’ve been trying to do in the new house is to grow a lot more of our food. With the allotment gone, I have to rely on what I can plant out back – actually, I’m finding it far easier to potter around than head to the allotment and get working. I’m growing a lot more of what we actually eat – onions, tomatoes, spinach, beans…that sort of… Continue reading

Backyard Blueprints – A Book Review

Spring has certainly come to London over the past few days. There really is nothing quite like a little bit of sunshine to lift the mood. I finally managed to get back out into the garden and discovered that what I thought was a slightly overgrown patch of ivy was actually a thriving mass of plant which had begun to attack my home. Spring bulbs, pulmonaria and hellebores are all… Continue reading

Kitchen Garden Estate with Helene Gammack

As a child, my visits to National Trust properties were numerous. Though much time was spent tirelessly moving from room to rope cordoned room, I have to say that I was only really happy when exploring the gardens of stately homes and estates. As a teenager I became an obstreperous young thing, and obstinately refused to even get out of the car at National Trust properties, instead being left… Continue reading


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