Guest Blog – 5 things to buy for you garden this spring

This week I’ve got a guest post written by freelancer Steve Nelson. Steve enjoys spending time in the outdoors, gardening and cooking in his spare time. The weather’s finally starting to warm up, and so if you’re in the mood for some shopping, then he’s got some great gardening ideas.


With the spring season under way and warmer months ahead, now is a wonderful time for gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts. Of course, every year spring gardening brings on a number of activities and purchases. From researching the best new flowers and plants to put into your garden, to purchasing basic essentials such as a new pair of hedge trimmers from or some new gloves for rugged yard work, there are always things that need to be done.

However, what can truly make spring gardening enjoyable and unique this year is to add a few accessories and new features to your garden. This keeps things interesting year in and year out and gives you ways of improving your garden that go beyond simply keeping the plants fresh and healthy. Here are 5 specific items and accessories you might want to purchase for your garden this season.

1. Stepping Stones

Stepping stones can make your garden more accessible and enjoyable in a matter of minutes. Of course, you’ll need a strategic path or area prepared to lay down stones, but having a stone path through, around, or alongside your garden completely changes its atmosphere for the better. This invites people to spend time in your garden and gives you a better way of moving through it.



2. Birdbaths & Bird Feeders

Inviting birds into your garden is a wonderful way to improve its atmosphere. Of course, too many birds could be a problem, but a single birdbath and/or bird feeder can be a very nice addition. Plus, birds provide natural pest control for your garden, which saves you from having to use harmful chemicals on the environment.


3. Statues

Statues and garden figurines are very popular, and can often be purchased at normal gardening centres. Too many of these statues can become a bit tacky, but one or two tasteful statues can serve as elegant and interesting decorations within your garden. This can also be a great talking point when visitors see your garden.

4. Furniture

Just as these other items provide your garden with a more active and inviting atmosphere, furniture provides you and your family and visitors with actual places to spend time in the garden. Whether it’s something as simple as a single bench, or something a bit more involved such as an outdoor dining table or a gazebo, furniture can completely change the functionality of your garden.

5. Lighting

Finally, you might also consider making your garden a bit more unique by installing lighting to use at night. Of course, the best gardens maintain a natural feel, but having a few lights strategically placed to allow you to spend time outside at night can be a wonderful touch.

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