Three Ways to Get Cheap Plants | Fill Your Border for Bargain

Can you believe it’s just starting snowing? And there was I thinking that spring might soon be on the way. It seems that garden centres and plant supplies think so too, for catalogues keep arriving, trying to entice me to buy. Also, many of the bargain homeware stores that sell plants seasonally are beginning to stock garden stuff, so it’s worth keeping your eyes open!

New Seeds

It’s THAT time of the year. You know what I mean….you arrive home from work. It’s dark. It’s gloomy. But, ‘oh look’, there’s a huge stack of seed catalogues to snuggle up to. You warn yourself only to look, to order a couple of packets at most, but before you know it there are packets and boxes and envelopes of exciting seeds, bulbs and other goodies arriving at… Continue reading

How to Prune Lavender

If you’re anything like me, especially if you’re only starting out, you’re a little cautious when it comes to pruning. I mean, you don’t want to chop too much off in case you kill your beloved plant. So, when it comes to lavender plants, it’s worthwhile following the guidelines. However, I quickly realised that my careful snipping meant plants were gradually getting larger, leggier and woodier in the core.… Continue reading

Sowing Hardy Annuals – Larkspur and Cornflower

I have to admit; this year’s been a bit of a bust regarding the cutting down. I severely underestimated the state of the soil in this new garden, and probably forgot just how much material I added to my old one. I was there for 10 years after all; over that time I must’ve added LOTS of compost.

So, in a bid to improve the cutting garden for 2017, I’m… Continue reading

On My Oasis – Summer Seeds and Dahlias

Sowing, germinating and growing on has been problematic this year. I started 2016 with a plan. I had a list of vegetables I wanted to grow. I planned when to sow, how long they’d take to germinate, the dates to plant out and times to successionally sow. Has that worked? No!

The problem I’ve had – I don’t know about you – is that though all the seedlings started off… Continue reading

At last – snow

You might think that snow is a gardener’s worst nightmare, and yes, if it arrives in April when you’ve got thousands of small seedlings on the go, then it’s pretty much devastation wherever you look. However, get it in winter, when it’s actually expected, and snow can be pretty good for the garden.

I love snow. I love awaking and realising that the light streaming through the curtains is different,… Continue reading

The Chickens Hit the Garden

I’ve always found that by far the best pest control in any garden is chickens. I keep a small group of 7, 2 silkies, 2 buff nankins and 3 light sussex. They provide me with fresh eggs, an outlet for all my, and many of my neighbours kitchen waste, a constant supply of nutrient rich manure and on hand, organic pest control. If you aim to let chickens out in… Continue reading

A Pictorial Update

The rain is still lashing down, meaning that todays jobs have had to be postponed for the time being. However, the weather last week was far from wet and gloomy, it was blue skies, baking sun and happy plants. The seedlings are coming along well, cosmos and marigold’s will soon be ready to pot on. The lupins are putting out their first secondary leaves, whislt the beginnings of the Echinacea… Continue reading

Is Spring Here?

After weeks of guilt and badly placed sporadic rainfalls I was finally able to do the first “cut” of the year this morning at a clients garden. I’d forgotten how relaxing and transformational simply cutting the grass can be, you can transform a tired neglected patch into a love and tended garden within minutes by simply trimming that green stuff and paying some attention to border edging. Its very satisfying.… Continue reading

Save our School Garden

This Morning’s new 4 part strand “Save our School” aired today and I was pleased to see I got quite a bit of airtime!! I may have not been speaking to the camera directly but at least I was visible! To learn a little more about the series visit here. It’s so great to do something for a worthy cause, these poor kids and parents were horrified when their… Continue reading


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