Growing Oak Trees | First Signs of Life from Sown Acorns

One of my dreams is to plant a new wood. Trees are SO majestic and beautiful, never mind their essential role in oxygenating OUR world so we can actually live. One of the fields at Brimwood Farm borders a local wood, but I want to extend that woodland into the land a little so there’s some wood to call my own. The pit has trees, there are plenty of mature specimens amongst the hedgerows, and there are a few stunning and ancient oaks. But growing oak trees has been my goal over the past few months; along with a few other varieties too.

On this week’s Monday Magic, I’m thrilled to show that new life has come to one of the acorns. It’s hard to believe this tiny seed has the potential to grow into a vast, life-giving structure. Not only do trees give us air, but they create an essential habitat too. Seriously, trees are AMAZING.



Now this tree has begun, it will need care and nurture over the coming years. Then, finally, when it’s large enough I can plant it out! I’m super excited about this project – though once the trees are actually a decent size we’ll have probably evolved well past the Internet; we’re have wireless brain connections or something. Still, I hope I’ll be able to share these trees with you!

Have you ever grown trees from seed? What did you grow? How did it go?

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