Three Seeds to Sow in March

March. The month of inspiration where everything starts to grow. Also the month of anxiety as the need to sow starts to gain momentum. Where windowsills are cleared, ornaments shoved aside, light boxes made, all in a blind panic to get enough seedlings on the go for the year to come. Luckily, I’ve come up with a planting plan (well, for the vegetable garden) and I’m sticking to it. So here are my three seeds to sow in March!



Now, it should be remembered that I’m trying to set up the smallest of market garden’s in 2017. That means selling vegetables to *GASP* members of the public. I already sell eggs, and am growing the chicken business to include hatching eggs and POL hens, but I want to diversify into veggies too.

That means I need to get growing as quickly as possible. I’m sowing two spinach varieties – one of which is a baby leaf variety (Apollo) which can be included in my potential salad mix alongside various lettuce varieties. I also have three types of beetroot – Chioggia Pink, Red Ace and Moneta. Beetroot Moneta is the hardiest of these and can be direct sown in March, so I’ve put in a couple of drills of this. I’m also trying to Charles Dowding method this year so, instead of pinching out, I’ll be letting all seedlings grow and then simply twisting off the resulting beets as and when they’re ready.

Finally, I’m steadily working out which flowers to include in the cutting garden, so alchemilla mollis has found its way into my three seeds to sow in March list! This is a lovely herbaceous plant with flowers ideal for vases and large, pale green leaves that sparkle under droplets of rain. And boy, I’m in Britain, so we get A LOT of rain!

My windowsills are already beginning to heave under seedlings, though I have managed to transplant some pak choi and spinach outside now, which has free’d up a little space – instantly taken by new seed trays, of course. The growing season is upon us!

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