Don’t Forget to Keep Sowing | Growing Radishes, Carrots and Beets

Growing radishes is extremely easy and very rewarding, especially if you’re partial to that scrumptious tart taste these great vegetables.

One of the most important things to do for any vegetable garden is remembering to sow successional crops. Without this, you’ll get a glut of crops early on in the season and then be left with woody carrots, tart radishes and beet’s so hard not even boiling makes them… Continue reading

Shade-Loving Veggies and Herbs | Infographic

So, we all have issues with shady parts of our garden, right? And many of us – including me – struggle with what to plant there, especially if it’s shady and dry. The folks over at eReplacementParts have made this great infographic showing that, actually, there’s a lot we CAN grow in these areas. In fact, plants like chervil, ginger and rosemary will thrive!


9 Tips for Having a Bountiful Carrot Harvest

It’s a very busy time of year, and there is LOADS going on in the garden. If you’re growing carrots at home (seriously, it’s NOT as hard you think), I’ve got some great tips from Tina Martino on how to maximise your harvest.


Many gardeners put off growing carrots, assuming that these early spring vegetables are for those with more experience. Root vegetables, including potatoes and… Continue reading

Spinach and Lettuce | Transplanting Veggie Seedlings

It’s the time of year when seedlings are taking over. Conservatory tables, windowsills, and greenhouse shelving is ALL covered in trays of germinating plants or young, tender seedlings. In an attempt to deal with this problem (or just my growing issue in general) I decided it was time to sort out my spinach and lettuce plants and spend some time transplanting veggie seedlings.


This year… Continue reading

3 Tips on How to Speed Up Composting

Well, I’ve just been out in the garden on this wonderfully sunny day sowing seeds, transplanting veggies but also, turning the compost and manure heaps. I have A LOT of the stuff; particularly because the chickens remain in lockdown so I have all of their additional bedding to deal with. So, I was genuinely happy when I discovered some expert advice on just how to get that heap composting down… Continue reading


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