rhode island red chicks

Chicken Little

At three and half weeks old the four little fluffballs are doing incredibly well and have proved that rearing chicks is quite easy. Tiny, the last of the clutch to hatch and who looked rather off colour for the first days of life, is almost unrecognisable from her three clutch mates. I say her because as I recollect, Rhode Island Red hen chicks are slightly dark in colour than their… Continue reading

Chicks for Easter

Any keen followers of my blog will know that there’s been a rollercoaster of a ride in the hen house over the past few months. First, the hens got a leading role on The Horticultural Channel, making their in episode one and then Georgia and Little Red showcasing their talents in episode two. Little Red then, filled with the joys of spring, revealed her *ahem* his true nature to… Continue reading

New Life in the Hen House

After 21 days of religiously incubating, Georgia has done her best to ensure new life in the hen house. I’m pretty disappointed. I’ve never before had problems with buying hatching eggs on eBay, and have had pretty successful hatch rates. However, this batch of Rhode Island Reds, only one from six eggs hatched.

This however does not take away from the absolute cuteness of my new little family member.… Continue reading


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