52 Week Salad Challenge

52 Week Salad Challenge – Homegrown Food

I am no cook, but I do like some scrambled eggs after a work out. There’s nothing quite like popping down to the coop to gather some freshly laid hen-fruit; you don’t have to spend a penny. Now, with the 52 Week Salad Challenge, I also have the means to indulge in a little side portion of greenery.

The amazing thing is though, you don’t even need a garden… Continue reading

52 Week Salad Challenge – Speedy Seeds

In my attempt to get in on the 52 Week Salad Challenge, I sowed some ‘Speedy Seeds’ a few weeks ago. The British winter may have arrived with plummeting temperatures and snowy conditions, but that doesn’t mean that growing has to stop. One of the refreshing things about salads is that many varieties can actually be grown when conditions aren’t exactly balmy. And, if you have a windowsill or… Continue reading

The 52 Week Salad Challenge

I’ll admit, I’m a bit slow on the uptake. Two weeks of jury service, writing clients coming out of my ears, and my sister about to drop a sprog has found me suddenly near the end of January without really knowing how I got here. Thus…getting to grips with the inspiring new challenges for 2012 has also passed me by, until now that is.

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