mason bees

A Buzzing Foreplay

Spring has erupted with buzzing avengence in my garden. Whilst the birds may be doing it, the bee’s are most certainly doing it! After spending a happy few weeks last year watching a troupe of excited Red Mason bee females nest away in my insect hotel, and following it up this year by making my own one with a little help from the RHS, I was excited to… Continue reading

Artichoke Hotel

At our allotment there seems to be a proliferation of Jerusalem Artichokes. You can’t give them away for want of trying, and you will often hear the almost pleading cry of “do you want some artichokes?” followed by a scurry as allotment owners hurry in the other direction. It’s no wonder really, their tiny indistinguishable yellow flowers are far from eye catching, they spread like wildfire, only to be outdone… Continue reading

Rain Stops Play

London is awash. Droplets of life falling on seedlings, winding their way down panes of glass, forming rivers in the street. And whilst life’s exilir is welcomed, especially by me due to my belief that I must’ve once lived as an amphibian or other aquatic gem, the constant dribbling has all but stopped play. One can happily prune and cutback to a certain extent in downpours, but mowing (which plays… Continue reading

Wonderful Bees

As many of us know, the humble bee is facing a crisis. With a virus sweeping through its nest, and lack of pollination rich feeding fields, this key insect family is facing crippling population loss. The repurcussions of this for us, humans, is dramatic. Bees are the main source of pollination for our food, for our cereal crops, for our fruit. Morning coffee and tea – plants pollinated by bees.… Continue reading


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