On My Oasis – Scented Plants and New Reads

A quick and easy windowbox thanks to an old Hi-Fi speaker

Sometimes, the weather’s so foul that getting out in the garden isn’t really possible. I don’t mind the deep winter; crackling ice, deep frosts, the opportunity to work up some heat amidst the snowy garden by clearing and cutting back. However, constant rain is not very conducive to work. Though grey outside there’s some colour in the bleakness –… Continue reading

Become a Wisley gardener for the day

As you may have read on my blog before, RHS Wisley are having a ‘pansy plant-in‘  on October 2nd, 2012. With the autumn weather definitely starting to show its face, and the RHS wanting to bring some colour to their autumnal and winter gardens, it’s the ideal time to get those overwintering pansy into the ground. And, now YOU have the chance to a Wisley gardener… Continue reading

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

This week I had the joy of attending the RHS’s Hampton Court Palace Garden Show; a delectable treat of shopping and show gardens. I’ve been once before and perhaps was slightly disappointed, probably due to the lack of show gardens. However, this was partly because I’m a huge fan of the Chelsea Flower Show and all it has to offer, and was comparing the two shows alongside each other. However,… Continue reading

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

The last week of May is host to a number of things, my upcoming 29th, the beginnings of BBC’s feathery, fluttery Springwatch, the drama of Roland Garros with next stop Wimbledon. But above all it is when all horticultural eyes of the world turn to possibly the globe’s best and most prestigious garden event, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. The one time of year when grubby fingered gardeners come… Continue reading

Rain Stops Play

London is awash. Droplets of life falling on seedlings, winding their way down panes of glass, forming rivers in the street. And whilst life’s exilir is welcomed, especially by me due to my belief that I must’ve once lived as an amphibian or other aquatic gem, the constant dribbling has all but stopped play. One can happily prune and cutback to a certain extent in downpours, but mowing (which plays… Continue reading


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