A Gentle Thawing

And it is gentle indeed. As the winter desperately clings on, unrelenting, a few claws gripped into the blanket that covers a keen, warming spring, there are tiny stirrings in life. Daffodil buds show glimmers of vibrancy behind green doors, birds pick carefully at twigs, sizing them up for nest appropriateness, blue skies, whilst bringing a chilling wind, allow the heart and mind to chance a hope that hot days… Continue reading

Winter Beauty

There are times when even the most defiant of gardeners have to admit defeat. When snow is falling, and there is 6 inches of it on the ground, rather than planting and potting and rotivating, we have to simply sit back and enjoy the scenery. Whilst its bitterly cold outside today, Ben and I took a stroll to Narnia. There was no lampost and I searched wantedly for a fawn,… Continue reading

The Gardening Calender is Far from Over

Well winter is certainly upon us, and with soft billowing wisps of snow bringing some Christmas cheer and delaying any gardening work I had planned, I’m taking the opportunity for a quick update. Any gardener knows, even when the cold draws in and hours of light become severely stunted, there is always something to be getting on with in the garden. Leaves can continue to be swept, kept and turned… Continue reading

Allotment Growing and New Recruits

The allotment is looking rather fantastic at the moment. Beds are dug, lawns are mowed, and veggies are bursting with growth. I cannot take much credit for this work, it’s totally down to Mary and a number of new recruits. It quickly becomes the norm, that when relatives or friends come to stay, they’re soon dragged off to the allotment and made to work for their keep. Fair’s fair I… Continue reading


I'm Geoff, and I'm a plant hoarder.

Like magpies collect bright shiny things, I can't resist plants. An exquisite flower, soft ferny foliage or a beautiful majestic tree - I love them all!

Here, I'll indulge in all things flora and share my passion. Join me as I develop my garden and hoard more plants without apology.